A few things about what I believe ‘boudoir’ should be:
  • I believe that all women, no matter their size, age, place in life or background, face an unrealistic and insane amount of pressure from the outside world (and from themselves) to be a certain way and to look a certain way. And you know what? It’s bullshit. Let’s change that together.
  • I believe that sexuality isn’t something that should be reserved for the young or the beautiful, the thin or the childless. It’s a natural, enormous part of ALL of us and we should be allowed to express it however we want, privately or publicly.
  • I think that all women should have an opportunity at least once in their life to feel absolutely, insanely, over-the-top beautiful, sexy, and confident.
  • I think that boudoir photography can be whatever you want it to be; fun and flirty or raw and sexually-charged.
  • I want women to invest in photography for themselves and just themselves above all (but I also want them to shock their partners if they want to).
  • I believe that having physical prints is as VITAL to the process as having the photos taken, and I encourage this belief by offering several print products. The images that you will remember and love are the ones that are on your walls, coffee tables, albums, shelves and frames, not the ones on your hard drive. Even if you don’t go through me, please please please PRINT your photos!
  • I believe photography is a service-based industry. It’s not about looking a certain way (trust me, you’re beautiful), or needing to have a certain type of session. It’s not about me, it’s about YOU, your experience and your memories.

C'est moi! (This is Me!)

Hi, I’m Geneviève (pronounced with a soft ‘juh‘-nuh-vee-eh-vuh).  I live in Norton (just outside of Sussex, New Brunswick) in a very old house with a giant tree out front that I worry about a bit more than I probably should. I started Geneviève Flynn Photography in March 2011 after a year of portfolio building, and have been shooting with a DSLR since 2008. I love photography, I love light (and shadow), I love relationships (especially couples), and I love seeing the beauty in everything and everyone.

I have been working full time as a photographer for 5 years (as of March 2016) shooting mainly couples, weddings, newborns, kids and families, and everything in between. Now, as I enter a new phase of life and of my business, I am strongly committed to the philosophies and art of boudoir photography, and to making everyone feel beautiful.

Photo by Courtney Gallery

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